Meet the Chefs

Chef Shelby

I graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts at the Art Institute of Seattle and am now a member of the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA.) I have additional experience in culinary sustainability and farm-to-table eating, as well as ServSafe® training and certification for food handling safety. As a Personal Chef, I provide clients with food that is tailored to their exact preferences to support their lifestyle and health goals. My passion is to connect with people through food and leave a lasting impression with every bite! The Seattle area brings me wonderful clients that are interested in pursuing high quality and healthy meals. I enjoy personalizing each dish to bring out the best in everything involved- the ingredients, the nutrition, and the clients' well-being.

Chef James

I am a Personal Chef specializing in Northwest American cuisine. In the beginning of my career I cooked professionally for small mom and pop shops and later moved on to working for top hotels in Seattle. I have also spent time as a restaurant consultant to advise and improve the food side of smaller businesses. When it comes to food, my passion has always revolved around celebrating simplicity while entertaining others. Looking for a new challenge, I recently stepped out of the hotel kitchens to bring the restaurant to your kitchen in the comfort of your home.

Chef Miguel

Originally from Portugal, I first started cooking in our family business. I concluded my Culinary Arts Master in France, hospitality management in Switzerland and eventually became a certified member of the World Master Chef Society. I'm a customer-centric culinarian, energized by change and devoted to inspirational leadership. Throughout my career I have focused on building successful and meaningful training programs, from my early days as a Sous Chef to my recent position as Regional Director of Operations. I'm passionate about healthy eating and very curious about new food concepts. I love mushrooms, to spend time in nature with my wife, Adrie, and to go on long runs with our dog, Chewie.